Friday, August 3, 2007

Tony, David and Robert

I have with me three major self-development courses in books and audio (some bought, some borrowed) that may dramatically change my life.

They are Anthony Robbin's Personal Power 2, Robert Kiyosaki's Choose to be Rich and David Allen's Getting Things Done Fast. I've covered the books on these guys before but these courses with step by step plans and assignments would need a lot of scheduling and effort (not to mention notetaking), compared to the usual reading and rereading of their books.

I have started them all already but this shotgun approach is not effective. I guess I have to focus on them one at a time so as not to be overloaded with information and end up with just dead knowledge.

Ideally I should start with Getting Things Done because I feel David's system should be the backbone of how I go about my daily life. But as I have been into Tony's stuff lately, I see a need to use his conditioning techniques to help me make David's GTD a permanent life management system and then that would relax my mind to completely absorb Kiyosaki.

Will see.

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