Friday, August 3, 2007

My VIP Life website

A great site that offers what I have been looking for in terms of my need for inspiration to really go for the gold.

It has been a habit already to write down in notebooks and pads my goals and "material" things to inspire me in pursuing those goals. But only recently did I take the advice of having these inspirations and aspirations to be visually available. The website completely provides this.

There's no argument that images (as well as sound and smell and touch) provide a deeper level of emotional impact rather than concepts in words, unless you are a creative genius. When you have that impact, you can keep your momentum in whatever it is you are focusing on despite the inevitable bumps and detours you will encounter.

Useful for my purpose and for those wealth seekers, the website bombards you with tons of the articles with all the pictures (even video clips) of luxury hotels, cars, gadgets, getaways and whatnot. Although not very exhaustive, a reference library of famous successful people with short articles and quotes is also a treat - all in one website.

It's sister site, a wiki , found at complements MyVIPlife. I booked marked the two websites immediately, made a wallpapers of Burj Al Arab Hotel and Bugatti Veyron car, and plan to print out a lot of images and stuff it in my notebooks and everywhere else.

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