Sunday, August 5, 2007

Neuro Lingusitic Programming

Funny, with my interest in Psychology and self development all the way back from High School and ever since, I never came across Neuro Linguistic Programming. At least from what I have seen so far, too many established schools of Psychology violently reject NLP as being without scientific evidence and research. Another thing is, no one can really define it or agree with a definition for it.

I came across NLP first from hearing it a lot from Anthony Robbins (and later he used the term Neuro Associative Conditioning, his own brand of NLP). Often he talks about this when he reasons out that people do or do not do things because of the automatic "gut feelings" they get whenever come across situations that their mind and bodies associate with a familiar situation. So if we want to improve ourselves we must get into the bottom of behaviors, replace those meanings behind them with those that would help us behave in a positive way that we want to behave. Something like that.

For believers, the results they say about NLP are astounding as it can permanently cure anything from neuroses to addictions in a few sessions and sometimes instantly compared to years of therapies of traditional schools of psychology.

Strange thing is it makes a lot of sense without making much sense. At the heart of it, and how some described it, NLP is the focus of whatever works and the hell with the theories. Other may have same experience that when I read certain techniques of NLP I was reminded of times I effectively communicated with people but took it for granted.

An example is whenever I get a cue (non-verbal)from girlfriend that she wants (unconsciously) to relive an awful argument we had years ago (she widens her eyes and starts with a distinct voice and phrase), I interrupt her pattern of thought by suddenly kissing her or tickling or reminding her how much I love her while she is in mid-sentence. It works like a charm and I feel it's not manipulation because a big part of her knows what I'm doing and I think she appreciates that I actively save the both of us from a useless fight.

Another example is whenever I tutor my niece and nephews, I start out preparing them for a tutoring session by asking them why they need to study (outcome focus) and what good feelings they can have if they get high grades (associating pleasure to studying). I also do very simple pattern interruptions when I see them starting to wander in their heads.

I'll read more about NLP as soon as I finish Robbin's Personal Power tapes.

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