Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stop chasing a thousand rabbits

This will take some courage and deflating of my ego to say I have been wasting more than two weeks of my life searching what to do next. I love the Internet and know in my heart part of my success would be derived from this medium.

However, I have to admit I have spent too much time following a thousand white rabbits running in all directions throughout this ocean of information. Indeed, I have found a couple of jewels and treasures along the way. But as one of the important advices I have just found, the most significant factor to succeed is take action and focus. This is by far what separates losers from winners.

My difficulty, for one, lies in having read too little of too much but never took time to apply one approach before moving on. I need to focus as much as everyone who needs to succeed and have succeeded.

In my most recent haphazard search and journey, I was very lucky to find a few essential points:

From “Other Side Entrepreneur"
If I want to make real lasting money from the Internet I must get into "Information Publishing and Marketing".

In relation, the important concepts are:

There is already too much information out there.

People want advice not information, advice how to succeed, feel good, be healthy and wealthy.

Any personal hobby and interest, no matter how specialized, can be turned into a million dollar business if it is developed with an "Information Publishing and Marketing" strategy.

In the same manner, any business, however small, can profit hugely by augmenting its business with this strategy.

Make Up Your Mind Already By Rich Schefren found in a "Early to Rise" newsletter:

1. Take action and focus. Crystallize your goals. Organize your thoughts to daily actions and do them daily and consistently. Close the laptop and do what you must do today.

2. Rise above fear and doubt. Its ok to make mistakes but learn from your mistakes.

3. Keep it simple.
Stop mulling and dabbling with thousands of ideas. Learn and master an approach, only then you move to the next.

4. Know where the money is. Open your eyes and learn to take the pulse of your market.

That all for now, I'll close my laptop and decide which rabbit to chase.

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