Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Sometimes a part of me misses the age before Internet. I could focus on an actual book, read and reread it for the information I need, and thereby really being able to absorb the content. Reading and researching now with the Internet works much the same way the conscious part of the brain works - associating bits and pieces to no ends - especially with Google search.

It may have been a waste of my time but today I did free association, brainstorming through the Internet. I browsed through and jump from one topic to the next and whatever led me to whatever pages of blogs, wikis, etc etc...

Among the things I researched: Internet Marketing in the Philippines, Why Ken never mentions in his works a spiritual giant like Osho, winners of the 2007 Ateneo Art Awards, where Shiloah Matic' old blog is, Squidoo, Alexa, Credit Card Processing, Blogging for Money, Adi Da, Public Domains, MLM, NLP and so on...

I need more discipline of the mind lest I become just a floating pandit wannabe.

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